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Olives are so incredibly versatile and so easy to use straight from the pouch or Jar that we thought some simple recipe inspiration would help you use this fantastic wholesome fruit more in your everyday cooking

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Gourmet pizza with Crespo Olives

Add chopped up olives to your favourite pizza for that extra hit of Mediterranean flavour!

Snack & lunch ideas

Sandwiches are even tastier with Crespo Olives!

Whether you are making a tuna wrap or a chicken salad on granary, chopped up Crespo olives will add flavour and extra bite to every sandwich. Yum!

Snack & lunch ideas

Perfect for aperitifs

Crespo Olives are perfect to enjoy pre-dinner or even as a snack on the go. They are tasty, wholesome and full of flavour.

Delicious possibilities

Liven up your salads with Crespo Olives

Why not throw in a handful of olives into your favourite salad? Perfect with fish or poultry, a great finishing touch every time.

Snack & lunch ideas

Tasty pasta made even more delicious with Crespo Olives

Crespo olives are absolutely delicious added to pasta. Perfect with a tomato sauce served with spaghetti, they can be chopped up straight from the jar and thrown in last minute!

Mediterranean lifestyle & diet
Crespo Olives -
marinated in lots of delicious flavours, are truly succulent and tasty.
Have a try!